If you like programming, coding and wanna learn more about technology, then, head off to Cowork Hub this Saturday.

Bring your computers, consoles, flaming swords, magic potions and great ideas and let’s “hack it, make it, learn it and play it” from 11am onwards.

Ealing Raspberry Jam is an initiative between Cowork Hub (the largest coworking space in West London) and Digilab. 

A digital hub for hardware enthusiasts, coders, makers and game developers, Digilab is a place of attraction to try new technology, offering services to the community through a membership package, including coding classes, robotics and 3D printing workshops, PC building, video capture and editing, blogging, social media content creation, gaming tournament and sessions, virtual reality gaming and computer gesture control.

The sky is the limit

Initially established in Barking in March 2016 by Brighter Steppings Ltd in partnership with the Barking Learning CentreDigilab in Barking has fast grown to become a strong enabler of the creative and inventive spirit of both young and old residents of the Barking community.

On April 21, Digilab Tooting was launched and aims to deliver just about the same. Run by Business Launchpad, who provides a full business start‑up program for young entrepreneurs aged 16–30, Digilab Tooting aims to provide young kids with invaluable skills so that they can then use this knowledge to solve local issues and transform the lives of residents within the area.

Teaming up with Business Launchpad and Digilab will help us strengthen our roots in West London and provide local young people with a place where they can learn about coding, programming, 3D Design and so on. Cowork Hub will be the space they can call “home”, do all these things while meeting cool people and having awesome conversations” — Alex MolokwuCowork’s Hub founder.

By Val de Oliveira