Even if you have never ever set foot in a gym (it isn’t’ for everybody, is it?) or checked out that running track across the street, you’ve been told a hundred of times that exercising is good to keep your mind and body healthy. Am I right?

At Cowork Hub, we are committed to playing our part in making workplace wellbeing a reality for all our members and have to agree with that statement. Exercise is good for you indeed and can do more than just help you lose weight or build muscle: it’s a way of socialising, encouraging team building, forming bonds.

So, to find out more about how our members could build physical activity into their daily routine, a member of our Communications & PR team went for a run with our very own marathon runner David Stiell for some catching up. A Customer Support for Braiform, David has already done 5 half-marathons, including the North London Half Marathon, which took place last Sunday.

Below you can find out how the running went down.

Just like every other occasion in the past when I encountered something for the very first time, I wasn’t quite sure about it and felt nervous. Running gear in hand, I slipped into some lycra pants and a mickey mouse hoodie, stretched a bit at Cowork Hub’s gym and off we went.

As we got going, I took the chance to address some of my concerns without getting laughed at: what if I can’t keep up with you David? Am I breathing properly? what is the proper technique when toe-first running? should the heel have a solid contact with the ground, or it should only slightly touch it?

“Take it easy and find the pace, breathing and running method that feels right for you and make you feel comfortable”, David said.

Right. Nice and easy hey? By the time we reached the canal, I felt a bit more confident about it and it didn’t look so hard. After all, we had agreed on a 3 miles target and David did go easy on me. I guess the real test will be the next morning, fingers crossed I will be able to feel my legs at all.

The weather did treat us to a gorgeous day and as I felt the sunshine on my face, confidence levels went down a bit and all I could think about was “will I make it”? In all honesty, I didn’t think I would last longer than 10 minutes. “Keep going, don’t over-think”, I kept saying to myself.

By the time David had told me all about his passion towards sports (mind you, he does running, swimming and cycling) and how he has tried to keep active since he left school, it was time for us to turn around and make our way back.

We went on to talk about football (David is a Liverpool supporter) and he was kind enough to check on me every 2 minutes or so. By then, even though there was a sense of accomplishment and pride at doing something so hard, a feeling didn’t stop crossing my mind: “what if I collapse into the canal?” (can’t really swim you see, it would have been rather embarrassing, wouldn’t it?).

As we crossed path with fellow runners, the conversation moved into how people can actually enjoy the benefits of being more active whatever your age, size or physical condition. David explained how exercise has helped him feel more accomplished and social.

Up until a few years ago I was playing for a local vets football team, which increased my local social life dramatically! Sport in general makes me feel good, healthy, energetic. I enjoy setting goals and it makes me more determined and driven. Running is a brilliant therapy in my opinion.”

As we made it back to Cowork Hub’s office and went over the workout details (3 miles; 11’03” average pace; 33:13 minutes and 415 calories burnt, to be precise) I felt a bit tired but the adrenaline had already kicked in and it felt like I could actually keep going.

Did I enjoy it? Oh yes. Even if I don’t see immediate results in my body, the effort will undoubtedly make me feel even better about myself. I am a true believer that a bit of confidence can go a long way. As for the next morning, legs were a bit sore but I am looking forward to our next running session.

David is now training for his next half-marathon and is also working with Cowork Hub to create a running group as they both believe that running in the presence of others can bring fruitful results. After all, running groups can come in handy when that annoying little voice in your head tries to convince you to give up, do you know what I mean? (as David would say).

From the newsroom