Let me start this blog saying how much I have enjoyed my work experience here at Cowork Hub. Even though I was a bit nervous at first, I was also looking forward to it as I knew I would learn new things and gain some good experience.

And I was spot on: I have definitely learned a great from this experience and met interesting people. Every coworker that I had the chance to work with here was very friendly and made me feel comfortable.

This has made the first day (and the following ones) feel easier to handle as I was able to complete the work I was given to do to a good standard. I have taken some very useful things home from doing work experience here at Cowork Hub.

Besides learning research skills and how to structure my work, I have also improved my time management. When I was set work that would last throughout the day, I laid out the points I was going to cover and how long I would spend time on writing and researching them.

I have definitely gained skills at Cowork Hub that will be vital in my future education and work. It was interesting to get a good idea of how an office runs and it is mostly what I expected.

Overall, this has been a great experience and I am glad I spent a week here and got to know this great workspace, which is just around the corner for me (I am only 2 stops away from North Acton tube station).

I found the environment to be very good and professional as everyone respects each other’s space. The office space provides an excellent number of large desks (105 of them at the moment, to be precise) to work from and I found it easy to do my work here.

Neil Mistry – student at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College

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