On May 10, we hosted the talk “10 steps to creating content and communities” with our very own coworker Alicia Buller.

A London-based business and technology journalist with several years’ experience working in Dubai, Alicia displayed a great deal of experience and passion on how to use rich content to boost online presence.

After a brief introduction about her background, the talk focused on the advantages of different social media channels (the do’s and don’t’s), how to make the best use of them and where to find interesting (and free!) content. The event ended with a networking session over nibbles and drinks and was sold out.

It’s all about sharing
If you didn’t make it, check out the top notch tips shared by Alicia, who currently spend most of her time travelling the world penning stories for Middle East publications and writes for Thomson Reuters, Computer Weekly, Condé Nast Traveller Middle East and The Gates Foundation.

• Work out what your brand is all about: this will give you room to be authentic, yourself and even playful. This is your voice, make sure it will be heard loud and clear;

• Once that is done, find out who your target audience is: this way, it’s easier to understand the best format/language to go on about engaging with them;

• Post interesting, industry-relevant news with trendy hashtags/hot google search terms;

• Stay well away from offensive content and over-posting promotional content;

• Keep it simple: shorter sentences (and paragraphs), bullet points, clear fonts and well-chosen images are a must;

• Make the most of beautiful pictures: followers are 44% more likely to engage with content that contains awesome/beautiful pictures;

• Lights, camera, action: videos are shared 1.200% times more than links and text combined;

• The power of timing: posting too frequently can be tricky and takes a lot of effort: unless you have something really cool to say, don’t over-do it;

• Create a calendar to help you keep track of things: use social media platforms such as Hootsuite;

• Don’t just retweet: always ‘quote’ a tweet and add a few word of your own;

• Keep an eye for the popular hashtags and get some love from them: #MotivationMonday and #WednesdayWisdom are extremely popular across social networks these days;

• Work on the content: it has to be useful, informative, entertaining, fresh and bold;

• Take the ‘3Cs’ seriously: content has to be concise, credible and clean;

• Create pools/competitions to encourage interactivity, engagement and sharing;

• Be a friend: respond to enquiries/comments/likes as quickly as possible;

• Show appreciation for people who take the time to follow/support your brand: follow them back, respond to their comments, share their news.

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