In February, Brazilian journalists Leandro Donatti and Luis Otávio Dias visited Cowork Hub (one of the largest coworking offices in West London) to get to know more about shared economy, entrepreneurship life in Europe and the effects coworking has had on modern working life over the past decade.

Currently living in Paris, France, the journalists got together with Cowork Hub’s founder Alex Molokwu to share their experience in entrepreneurship in Brazil and to find out how Cowork hub operates on a daily basis.

Established in August 2015 and located in an area (between North Acton and Willesden Junction) highly populated by Portuguese-speakers, especially Brazilians, Cowork Hub has a major interest in the Portuguese-speaking market.

It was an interesting exchange of experience, a casual chat about entrepreneurial life and the shared economy in both continents. We were able to showcase the work we do here with our members, the services and facilities we offer to encourage both the establishment and strength of new businesses, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)”, stressed Alex Molokwu.

Discussing the Brazilian market

Leandro Donatti, who has worked for over 10 years as a journalist for SEBRAE, a non-profit private entity with the mission of promoting the sustainable and competitive development of small businesses in the country, reveals that the majority of the companies established in Brazil are small-sized ones.

According to him, the survival rate for these companies in the first 2 years is, in average, 76%. “Small businesses play a vital role in the Brazilian economy, accounting for 99% of the businesses in the country. They get support from the government and business entities with products and services offered at subsidised rates. By doing so, both entities show the vital contribution of these enterprises towards the growth of the country.”

Coworking spaces are revolutionising the way we work

Graduated in Journalism and Law, Leandro Donatti is currently studying International Studies at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3 and entrepreneurship is certainly a topic of growing interest for him.

Being an entrepreneur in modern days demands much more than just an entrepreneur flair: it demands technical preparation, market research and intelligent/efficient solutions towards reducing costs and expanding the clients base“, says Leandro.

And in this sense, shared coworking spaces definitely come in handy given that they offer affordable and professional working spaces on flexible terms. Also, they offer access to mentoring, networking events, potential new clients .. pretty much all the help entrepreneurs need, under one roof, to take their business off the ground.

Although the segment is relatively new, coworking spaces are ideal environments to acquire both the mindset and skills currently demanded from entrepreneurs. When associated to the dissemination of knowledge, access to consultancies and support, as is the case with Cowork Hub, business initiatives gain more density”, concludes Leandro.

As part of the visit, Luis Otávio Dias, who is also an University Professor in Brazil, pointed out how the way of doing business has dramatically changed over the past decades.

In next week’s blog, we will discuss this topic and how this new era has further triggered the entrepreneurial flair among young professionals.

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