Coworking is a concept of work that involves a shared working environment. Typically, it is attractive to professionals who work from home or freelancers. Normally, coworkers share the same facilities, but work in different industries and independently.

One of the best things about coworking spaces is that they gather a group of people who are working independently, but, share similar values and benefit from each other’s expertise.

 Why Cowork hub?

Located in North Acton, Cowork Hub is one of the biggest shared offices in West London. It houses up to 60 companies and provides affordable and quality office space on flexible terms. They offer much more than just desk space and facilities for business owners.

I found Cowork Hub to be very professional, they are always open, which I think is great, they host interesting events for the members. On the day I was writing this blog for example, they hosted a lunch to celebrate International Women’s Day, which was a great opportunity for the ladies in the office to get to know each other and socialise).

How CoWork Hub was started

In January 2015, Cowork Hub’s founder Alex Molokwu took the bold decision of starting his own flexible office workplace. What was his motivation to do that? I wondered. In 2012, Alex needed an office for his financial education company that he had just started, but, then the problem he found wasn’t the location or the size, but the price.

One day, he was on Canon St. and noticed a sign above an office door saying “Coworking shared office space” and that was the first time he discovered the word “coworking”.

Then he tried other coworking offices in London. He met and made some great friends and it made him felt he was working in the heart of London’s startup hub. Then, he wondered what if he started his own coworking company and that’s how Cowork Hub was born.

Coworking in London and in The Philippines

Originally from the Philippines myself, once I got familiar with coworking while spending time as a work experience student at Cowork Hub, I got interested in finding out what coworking was like back home and how they differ from here.

Coworking in London and the Philippines didn’t differ much, but Philippines only has about a dozen of them, contrasting to London, for example, where there are nearly a thousand.

The coworking environment in London is, most of the time, affordable and open 24/7. They hold networking events, local businesses and events for the community.

Also, another difference in coworking in the Philippines and the United Kingdom, according to my research, is that in the Philippines it is more expensive because of the country’s slowly economy.

Samuel Angelo Garcia – student from Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College

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