Without a doubt, the concept of shared office space (aka coworking) is a fast growing trend and has been reshaping the way we work. More than ever, freelancers, SMEs, startups and even large corporations are making the most of the benefits offered by shared office spaces.

Besides the affordability and flexibility of it (monthly rolling contracts are a must!), such spaces enable its members to be more productive as they’ll be working alongside passionate and energetic like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, who tend to motivate everyone around them.

It’s all about collaboration

Above all, coworking spaces create valuable opportunities for business development and partnerships as its community itself comes across as the perfect place for members to network, try out their products/services and get worthwhile inputs from professionals from all walks of life.

And when it comes down to the level of collaboration seen in coworking spaces worldwide, it doesn’t simply look good on paper: people are really embracing the concept of collaborative work and this has recently become a reality for two members here at Cowork Hub.

Collaborate, engage, collaborate

Even though WePop. (a team of innovative and creative event producers) and WMC Retail Partners PLC (previously known as Wellington Market Company Plc), a leading specialist in animation retail space, have joined Cowork Hub at around the same time (March and April 2015, respectively), and sit about a meter away from one another, it wasn’t until last month that they decided to join forces and collaborate.

It all kicked off when WePop’s founders Hutch (Jonathan Ware) & Anthon were running events at Guildford Pop-Up Village and got told that Guildford Borough Council was making improvements to the site and, hence, looking for a new operator to run their market.

Instantly, the penny dropped and they were like: “hold on a second. Doesn’t our neighbouring coworker WMC Retail happen to run markets day in, day out? Let’s get them involved.” From that referral alone, securing the tender contract was a natural step for WMC Retail.

“The council was looking to reopen the market as it wants to secure a better mix of retailers, food and drink suppliers as well as being more relevant to young people. So, as WMC Retail has been in this industry since 1244 (when Wellington Market was established by Royal Charter) and has expanded to become the leading private sector retail market operator in the United Kingdom, it seemed the perfect fit” – Andrew Sparrow – Executive Director.

Andrew, a friendly and really down-to-earth guy, who did once aspire to become a politician, seemed to have found his own way to make a difference, to have an impact on people’s lives.

“After many years working for non-profit organisations, fundraising and community services, I have been with WMC Retail for the past 7 years and what a ride it has been so far. We couldn’t be more excited about this project and are delighted to be able to work with WePop. I believe that in this current climate, it’s very important to ‘team up’, to add value to what we do and, in return, add value to what our partners do.”

“It’s been brilliant working with WMC Retail. We are looking forward to seeing how Guildford Pop-Up Village will evolve and give birth to different businesses as well as both creating opportunities for retailers and bringing more leisure into the area”HutchWePop.

By the Val de Oliveira

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