This is what Simone Ming first thought while watching a video on calisthenics. 

This is not something what most people will say after learning what calisthenics is about. 

     Video by YASSIN WORKOUT 


But Simone was always competitive. She was an artistic gymnast for 14 years (competed in national and international competitions), then tried out bodybuilding until a back injury forced her to take some rest. 

After this, Simone started to lift weights in order to get back in shape. This is when a friend sent her a video on calisthenics. 

She was immediately taken by it, and began to train. 

After only a year of training, Simone participated in her first competition in Moscow: she came 3rd. 

In 2017, Simone won the Urban Fitness League 2017 World Championship (see picture below). She was also a finalist at Ninja Warrior. 

Photo by ming_bars_calisthenics 

She now works at our co-working space in Notting Hill while preparing for her next competitions.  

During our interview, Simon gave us some tips on calisthenics for beginners: 

  • First, work on your strength. 
  • Do bodyweight training before anything else  
  • Then, try some pull ups  
  • And only then, experiment with different techniques of calisthenics 

Interview by Aurore Thomas