My name is Aurore and I am a MSc Public Policy and Management postgraduate student at King’s College London.  

Today is my second day at Cowork Hub as a community manager intern. Cowork Hub provides affordable and flexible office space. It is situated 30 seconds away from Notting Hill station, Cowork Hub enables valuable connections between the members of the community so that they can collaborate and do more business.   

 First day, first tasks 

Still a bit nervous? A little.  

Even more excited about what I will be doing in the next 10 weeks? More than YES! 

If some of you are planning to apply to a similar position and want to get to know about it, you have reached the right page! 

Without further ado, let me guide you through my first day as a community manager intern.  

My first half day at Cowork Hub consisted in getting a -super- crash course on social media management and digital marketing by Alex (our director!).  

SEO, backlinks, link juice…if all these words seem confusing to you, you know how I felt!  

Afterwards, we were introduced to Nneka who kindly gave us a tour of the facilities (including spacious meeting rooms with an incredible view! And free coffee!). 

However, we had no time to rest on our laurels: Alex gave us a list of tasks to help us learn more about coworking spaces.  

Spreadsheet, spreadsheet and spreadsheet 

Kaixi (my co-intern) and I decided to use our favourite tool: spreadsheets. We compared 7 coworking spaces in London to get a better understanding on how they were conducting their social media marketing strategies.  

Let me tell you one thing: after spending more than 15 minutes trying to find essential information such as contact details, prices etc., I am happy that Cowork Hub’s website offers a simple form to book a tour at our office space. 

Conclusion and final thoughts 

My first day as a community manager intern was far from easy peasy lemon squeezy.  

BUT, I was patiently guided throughout the whole day by Alex who unflinchingly answered to all of our never-ending questions. I also had Kaixi to accompany me into the mysterious land of community management and its expert jargon.  

To finish with a beloved British expression to summarise my first day as a community manager intern: “All’s Well That Ends Well”.