Yes, it’s true. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Running your own business won’t always be easy (if ever), and not everyone can be Elon Musk, Jacqueline Gold, Damon Dash or Richard Branson.

The great thing is: you don’t have to be like those people to run a successful business. I believe that anyone can work for themselves, develop an idea into a functioning business, find problems to solve and deliver those solutions to customers and potentially to a wider audience.

The belief and the fact that everyone has an innate ability to create, learn, grow and solve problems (regardless of the size), leads me to believe and encourage everyone to start a business/work for themselves. And here’s why you should go for it:

“If you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life”

Freedom: One of the most common reasons for starting a business or being a contractor or freelancer is the flexibility and freedom that comes with it.

Put simply: you’re in charge of your own time. Owning a business, going freelance allows you to work around the demands of life; picking up children from school, visiting your dentist, helping a friend in need at the very last minute, even taken a holiday.

There’s no need to be restricted by the 9-5 grind. If you’re a night owl, get creative when everyone else has to sleep. Early riser? Your working day could be over by lunch, leaving you time do whatever you want.

Gratification and rewards: You do what you enjoy. You see the fruits of your labour. Do I need to say anything else about gratification? It has been often said: “If you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life”.

I completely agree. You will work, it is work, but it will be work that you want to do, work you can be proud of, work you will remember you have done and work you can smile about.

I’m not suggesting that any work you don’t enjoy is bad for your health or not rewarding as I do recognise for many people “work” is a means to an end.

“The world is moving to a freelancer/small business-driven economy and like it or not the zero hour contracts trend has taken off”

The future needs you: you have a skill, a talent, a solution to a problem that industries or people can benefit from. This untapped potential you know has been laying dormant during your career, that thing you wanted to do, but haven’t done yet. Aren’t you the slightest bit curious to see where it will lead you?

You will get in early: The world is moving to a freelancer, entrepreneur and contractor-driven economy and like it or not the zero hour contracts trend has taken off in a massive way. Get in now, adapt to the changes and you will be ahead of the curve.

It’s easy, very easy: Sometimes the hardest part of starting is actually getting started, but once you have made the decision, you have begun on a journey that will transform your life for the better!

The ball is rolling, the engine is turning, the plane is ready for take off! The next step is continuing which can be most challenging, but with momentum and know-how, it won’t be as painful. Previous generations of entrepreneurs and business people have laid such a solid foundation, that the pathway to success can be modelled.

So, I’ve said anyone can start a business and work for themselves. By now you’re probably thinking about that idea of solving that problem or reaching that untapped potential and bringing it to fruition.

You’re excited, but what now, what’s next? Will you take action? Will you be committed? Hopefully, the answer is yes!

If so, Launch 7 is here to help. We have an amazing program that helps you minimise the risk and decrease the pain of starting a business/being self-employed.

Why not sign up to our START IN 7 programme and begin the process. 7 hours, 7 workshops, 7 key actions all delivered over one day.

By Alexander Pemberton, Director of Socios Media, Founder of Launch 7 and coworker at Cowork Hub, the largest coworking office space in West London.

By Val de Oliveira