Would you consider going to a barber shop or a hairdresser without any recommendation from a relative or a friend? How about getting someone to look at (and take care of) your accounts? If your answer is: “not really”, then you’re not alone.

According to a Nielsen’s Harris Poll Online, over 80% percent of Americans reported to seek recommendations when making any kind of purchase. From hairdressers, accountants, contractors and so on, referrals (word-of-mouth) do go a long way these days.

And it wouldn’t be different here at Cowork Hub. With our referral programme, coworkers get £ 100 (cash-in-hand pay) when a dedicated desk member join us on their recommendation.

Also, coworkers get 10% discount* on their membership (or cash-in-hand pay) when a meeting room is booked or a virtual office client joins us under their recommendation.

So, how does it work? It’s simple actually. Refer our lovely shared office space to a friend/relative and when they sign up, be sure they tell us who did refer us to them. There are no limits to how many times you can refer us! Actually “the more, the better” would certainly work for us.

*Conditions apply. Contact us for details and start earning straight away: help@coworkhub.co

From the newsroom