Terms and Conditions

In consideration of the Member complying with the terms and conditions set out below the Member shall have licence to enjoy the Facilities at the site specified on the first page of this Member agreement (“the designated premises”)

  1. The Facilities shall mean the right to use such workstation (comprising desk, chair and storage) in the multi-occupied (shares) offices on the Floor of the Building as the Licensor (Cowork Hub) may allocate from time to time and the toilets on or closest to that floor of the Building. The Member shall not use any furniture other than that comprised within the Facilities.
  2. The Licensor grants the Facilities to the Member for an initial 1 month period and thereafter from calendar month to calendar month until determined either by the Member giving not less than 1 month notice prior to the end of any calendar month or by the Licensor by giving not less than a calendar month notice expiring at the end of any calendar month.
  3. The Member shall pay fees in advance to the Licensor for the Facilities (plus VAT) and as set out in the New Member Agreement. The Member agrees that if cleared funds are not received by the Licensor within five working days of the due date the Member will pay an administration fee of £50 plus VAT.
  4. The Licensor shall issue access passes to the Member for the number of desks allocated to the Member. Additional passes shall be chargeable at £30 plus VAT per additional pass. Any lost or broken passes shall also be chargeable at £30 plus VAT per replacement pass.
  5. The Licensor may once only in any period of 6 consecutive calendar months increase fees on giving the Member not less than four weeks notice.
  6. The Member shall keep the allocated workstation (which the Licensor shall be entitled to inspect at reasonable times) in good repair and in a clean and tidy condition. It should also be free from any fire or health hazard. All waste and refuse should be removed and deposited in the collection area designated by the Licensor. The Member shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the Licensor or Occupiers of the Building.
  7. The Member agrees to pass to the Licensor any communications received relating to the Building.
  8. The Member agrees to allow the Licensor, its staff and related parties to sign for any post or small packages that are delivered to the building if the Member is not available. The Member agrees that the Licensor, its staff or related parties will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or non-acceptance of any items for any reason. The Licensor, its staff and related parties retain the right to decline acceptance of any delivery for any reason.
  9. The Member shall use the Facilities solely for office purposes but shall not use the Building or any part thereof as a registered address. This Licence is personal to the Member and cannot be assigned or shared. It is agreed that this Licence is not intended to confer any tenancy or right of exclusive possession upon the Member.
  10. The Member shall be responsible for any injury or loss suffered by the Member or by any of the Member’s employees or invitees and shall indemnify the Licensor against any claim made by any such person.
  11. The Member shall conform to any statutory or similar regulations pertaining to the Member’s business and use of the Facilities and shall be bound by and perform all the conditions rules and regulations prescribed from time to time by the Licensor for the management of the Building (“the House Rules”) and by the Licensor’s “fair use policy” copies of both of which are available on request.
  12. The Licensor shall not be liable to the Member for any interference with or failure of the Facilities by reason of any repair or renewal thereof or of repair to the Building or any breakdown or other circumstance outside the Licensor’s control.
  13. Nothing in this Licence shall impose any liability on the Licensor in respect of the business or property of the Member or any loss or damage suffered by the Member and any insurance thereof shall be the sole responsibility of the Member.
  14. The Licensor may by notice to the Member terminate this Licence forthwith and with immediate effect for any reason or in the event of any contravention by the Member of any terms of any terms of this Licence or committing by the Member of an act of insolvency whereupon the Member will forthwith remove the Member’s personal effects and vacate the Building.
  15. The Licensor will give Members 2 months notice if the shared office space within the Building will relocate to another Building. Members will be assisted in the relocation to the Licensor’s other Building. The Licensor is not responsible for any loss or damaged to the Member’s business or property outside the Licensor’s control.
  16. If after termination of this Licence any property of the Member remains at the Building the Licensor may remove it and as agent may sell it and hold the proceeds after deducting costs and expenses. Any sums due to the Licensor and the Member will indemnify the Licensor against any liability incurred to a third party whose property is sold by the Licensor in mistaken belief (which shall be presumed unless the contrary be proved) that such property belonged to the Member.
  17. Any notice hereunder shall be in writing. Service upon the Licensor shall be at its registered office and service upon the Member shall be by post to the last known address of the Member or (at the Licensor’s option) by handing it to the Member or the Member’s representative.
  18. The Licensor may assign the benefit of this Licence and provided that the Licensor obtains from the assignee an undertaking addressed to the Member that it will comply with the obligations of the Licensor to the Member under this License may transfer to such assignee any deposit paid by the member and such Member agrees that thereafter such third party shall be deemed the Licensor hereunder.
  19. This Licence creates no rights in any third parties to enforce its terms pursuant to section 1 of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Acts 1999.
  20. This Licence embodies the entire agreement between the Licensor and the Member and may not be changed in any way except as agreed by both parties in writing.
  21. Where the Member comprises more than one individual such individuals shall be jointly and severally liable to observe and perform the Member’s obligations hereafter.

Health and Safety Policy


At Cowork Hub we are committed to providing and maintaining a working environment that ensures the health and safety of our people, customers, contractors and visitors. We want to prevent accidents and illness by making sure that health and safety considerations are at the heart of everything we do. To make this happen, we’ll be encouraging everyone who is a member of Cowork Hub to actively take part in and support this policy.

The main responsibility for health and safety of the common areas lie with the Directors of Cowork Hub will specifically communicate individual responsibilities relating to Health and Safety.

Cowork Hub will comply with its duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated regulations so far as is reasonable practicable, in order to:

  • Cowork Hub will provide and maintain safe premises and healthy working environments within the company’s ability.
  • A risk assessment will be done by Cowork Hub and third parties to reduce risk in the office.
  • The equipment will be safe if provided by Cowork Hub and maintained.
  • We will identify substances that are potentially hazardous to health and make sure arrangements are made to control the risks they pose.
  • Cowork Hub will make every effort to be aware of potential hazards, to assess potential accidents that could occur.
  • There will be effective arrangements in place to deal with injuries and reduce the effects of any incidents that could result in injury.
  • Cowork Hub will do regularly review Health and Safety performance for continuous improvement
  • Our health and safety management systems are audited by Chubb for effectiveness, identifying where we could do things better and implementing improvement plans.

At Cowork Hub, we will regularly review the health and safety policy and rely on the input from our members. Everyone has an important role to play in showing that good health and safety at work is good business. If members employ more than 5 people, at least one person must get first aid trained for that company. Alex Molokwu is First Aid Trained.

Regulation References

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • The Provision and Use of Works Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998
  • The Manual Handling Operation Regulations 1992
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (C.O.S.H.) Regulations 2002
  • Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  • The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulation 1981
  • Management of Health and at Work Safety Regulations 1999
  • Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992
  • The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996
  • Reporting of Injuries, Diseases or Dangerous Occurrence Regulations
  • (RIDDOR) 1995
  • The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005


Parking for Cowork Hub

The Car Park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information contact reception: – 020 3793 1614.

The Car Park Policy is park at your own risk.


Everyone should regard good house-keeping at work with the same importance as at home. Do not always rely on others to clear things up, it’s just as easy to put equipment away tidily as it is to leave them laying around desks or on the floor where they can create a tripping hazard. Members are expected to clean up after themselves in the kitchen. This is in accordance with the terms of conditions of Cowork Hub.

Do not leave materials in corridors or passageways, they could cut off someone’s escape route or cause a tripping hazard. Fire exits must be clear enabling a swift evacuation if needed.

All waste should be placed in bins provided in each office and kitchen areas. In this way, should a fire occur, it can be confined to a small area and dealt with quickly and efficiently, thus preventing the fire spreading.

  • The maintenance of tidiness of the common areas is the responsibility of each member who uses them.
  • Materials should be stacked safely and stored in such a manner to allow free, unobstructed access throughout the office.

Out of Hours

The office will be accessible to clients 24 hours, 7 days per week, to ensure suitable safety and controls please ensure you follow the guidelines:

Access and use out of hours Describe the arrangements

The main entrance door is locked and will need fob keys between 5 pm to 8 am and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Members can access building via member cards. There is a card reader on the entrance.

If you are alone you must contact Cowork Hub staff to let them know you intend to.

A health and safety telephone number is provided for out of hours use 0344 879 1745 option 6.

Slips and trips

Accidents caused by slips and trips should be reported to Cowork Hub. The accident forms are kept in reception where a log of incident will be kept.

Please report any tripping hazard that you may encounter anywhere in the building to reception.

Cowork Hub employs a cleaning company to ensure all common areas of the building are cleaned regularly.

The Dangers of using Electricity

Electrical equipment must be regularly tested to ensure safety. There is no safe voltage. All cables and wires must be safety managed not to cause potential slips or falls. Over use of extension cables must be prevented and extension cables must be used properly. All electrical equipment should be considered hazardous.

Electricity must be taken seriously. It can cause shocks, burns and death. If a fire is caused by electricity, it is essential the power supply is disconnected if possible. When the power cannot be isolated and there is a risk of electrical shock, non-conductive extinguishing agents, such as Dry Powder and CO2 can be used.

Members are responsible for the maintenance of their own electrical equipment.

Always check for defective plugs, cables and sockets before using any electrical equipment. Be sure that cables are long enough to reach your working area without straining or pulling!

Installation of all electrical wiring requires the attention of a qualified electrician! Joined lengths of cable should always be attached by the proper connectors.

Do not ever attempt repairs yourself; these must be made by competent electrical staff only.

It is the responsibility of the clients to ensure that all electrical equipment brought onto the premises is PAT tested to the correct Electricity at Work Regulation.

Prevent Fire

Members should ensure that:

  • When not in use, all electrical appliances are switched off and isolated from the main circuit.
  • All electrical motors are clean and free of dust and grime.
  • All electrical points, plugs, motors etc are serviced regularly and maintained to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  • All electrical points, plugs, switches and wiring are checked periodically.
  • Electrical leads are renewed at the first sign of wear in the outer covering.
  • Electrical points are not overloaded.
  • All hazardous materials are stored under lock and key in a safe compound, preferably away from the main building.
  • Flammable liquids are marked and identified clearly in the proper containers and stored in safe conditions.
  • Flammable chemicals are not kept any longer than necessary.
  • All fire doors are kept closed.
  • Smoking materials are carefully discarded.
  • Matched and lighters are kept safely.
  • Waste materials are stored or disposed of safely and correctly.
  • Waste paper, boxes, cardboard etc should not block pathways and should be stored correctly.
  • Portable heaters should be carefully positioned and switched off when finished using.

Fire Procedures

Fire prevention is much better than firefighting. Members should be aware of the fire risks, particularly with those associated with their own work.

  1. Familiarise yourself with what to do in the event of a fire.
  2. Know how to evacuate the building safely and where to meet.
  3. All fire doors must not be obstructed and should be kept shut.
  4. Do not allow cardboard, paper or boxes to accumulate.
  5. Smoking is not permitted in any of the building.
  6. Any electrical equipment that is not in use must be switched off.

Remember, if there is a fire and you have left the premises, failing to sign out, someone maybe risking their life searching for you. Please adhere to the signing out of guest procedures. Let reception know when a guest has left the building. Cowork Hub operates a visitor signing in procedure, please ensure that any visitor leave the building with you. In the event of a fire walk to your nearest exit which is clearly signed.

Evacuation Procedures

Discovering of a Fire

You can discover a fire by smelling, hearing, through heat and from sight. Only tackle the fire if it is in the early stages. If unsure then evacuate and raise an alarm.

Raise the alarm

Alarm the Fire Warden (Marshal). Activate the fire alarm system if you know how to. Call the Fire Brigade in emergencies. Call 999 or 112. Explain what happen, the name and location of premises and where the incidents occurred.


Evacuate the building safely through the nearest fire exit in a fast and calm manner. Do not stop to collect personal belongings. Go immediately to the fire assembly point. If you have guest then you are responsible for making sure they know where the fire exits are and that they evacuate the building. Only close all windows and doors if it is safe to do so. Assist people who are unfamiliar with the building. Report to the Cowork Hub fire marshal at the assembly point where a register will be taken.


When assembling, please give name of visitors to the Cowork Hub staff Fire Marshal who will be wearing a HI-Vis Jacket. They will check the visitor log in software.

Fire door glass panel is so you can see the other side. Do not cover up the glass panels and doors.

Do not re-enter the building until the Fire Marshal has said it is safe to do so. The Marshal will check the building and fire exits first before allowing people to return into the building.


Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is nothing more than a careful examination of what is in your office that could cause harm to people so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent them.

The purpose and function of risk assessment may be expressed as the following:

To identify operations, tasks, and processes which may foreseeably cause harm to members of your team (hazard)?

To identify the potential of the hazard being realised, and the potential consequences which might then occur (risk)?

To enable a risk assessment to be developed which will assist in eliminating or reducing the exposure of the population to the risk.

The HSE recommend that we use a five step method:-

  • STEP 1: Look for the hazards.
  • STEP 2: Decide who may be harmed and how.
  • STEP 3: Evaluate the risk arising from the hazard.
  • STEP 4: Record the findings of the assessment.
  • STEP 5: Review the assessment from time to time and amend it if necessary.

A suitable and sufficient risk assessment should identify all the hazards associated with that activity and be carried out by a competent person and record the significant findings and be communicated to those persons likely to be exposed to the risk.

Cowork Hub have completed specific risk assessments of the common areas, these risk assessment can be viewed at any time. The risk assessments are kept in the storage room.

If you require further information please use the Health and Safety helpline provided.

All accidents must be reported to Cowork Hub staff who will enter it into the accident book. If any accident becomes reportable under RIDDOR regulations Cowork Hub must be informed, so that an accident investigation can be carried out.

Fire Assembly Point

In the event of a fire alarm, members must meet at the fire assembly point. The fire alarm assembly point is near the John Lewis (Waitrose depot) entrance. This building is next door to Cowork Hub. A registration will take place there. The fire wardens for their zones are responsible for notifying Cowork Hub Fire Marshal of people’s attendance in the office. Members are responsible for their guest and making sure that they evacuate safely to the assembly point.


Members should be aware of the three types of alarms that may go off. Tests will be done to help familiarise members with the sounds.

  1. Fire Alarm – Evacuate to Assembly Point
  2. Security Alarm – Contact Cowork Hub staff immediately and call the Chubb security number.
  3. Reception Panic Alarm – Come to reception aid ASAP.

Accidents and Incidents

If an accident happens, prompt action may save a life or at least reduce the suffering of one of your colleagues. The accident book is kept in reception. Once an incident is logged, the form will be separately stored away safely in line with data protection guidelines for 3 years.

You can help by making sure that assistance is reported immediately. Do not attempt to give first aid yourself unless you have been trained to do so.

Where instant action is needed:

Do not move the injured person unless their position is life threatening.

Get someone to call the emergency services, stay with the injured person, keep them warm, and ensure that they can breathe freely.

If there is serious bleeding, apply pressure near the wound, but do not touch the wound itself.

Do not allow the injured person to eat or drink.

In the case of electric shock do not touch the injured person until the power is switched off.



Always report All Accidents, Incidents, and Near Misses to Cowork Hub staff. It is important that they are reported so that they can be investigated and measures put in place to stop them from happening again.


In Summary

As a Company we expect that members will agree and abide by the advice and basic precautions outlined in this handbook.

Important Contacts

Co work hub provides a free health and safety helpline to our clients that can be used to ask any question that may arise. Chubb Fire and Security number is 0344 879 1745 option 6. You can reception on 020 3793 1614 to report issues and incidents.

Please inform Cowork Hub staff if you intend to work in the office on your own. It is important that someone knows you are in the building.


This is to acknowledge that I have received my copy of the Cowork Hub Limited (Alex Molokwu) Guidance ‘Health and Safety’ handbook.