Okay, let’s be upfront here: you can’t deny it: everybody seems to be online these days and the world is rapidly moving towards the digital era. Do you copy?

More and more, there is an increased appetite for digital content – be it on mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers at work, at home, anywhere really – and businesses that have not yet acknowledged this trend is way behind already.

Why is everybody talking about digital marketing?
As well as being a growing force in the current marketing playing field, it seems likely that digital media will, very soon, replace more traditional forms of marketing.

Nicely put, but where do I start?
In an attempt to get some insights into how to draft an effective digital marketing strategy/campaign, on June 5, our coworkers joined the “Digital Marketing” workshop, hosted here at Cowork Hub as part of the initiative “Start, Scale, Grow“.

Hosted by Sophie Paton-McDermott, a qualified marketer at Make Happy (a creative marketing consultancy in London) the workshop offered a valuable opportunity for coworkers to learn how to plan, execute and measure strategic digital marketing.

“I’ve really enjoyed the workshop and was able to fully understand the potential of channels such as search marketing, social media and e-mail marketing in delivering real value to my business. I have also realised that we must stop thinking like business owners and start thinking like a customer if we are to succeed in the digital marketing arena”Alex MolokwuCowork Hub’s founder and Director

How to run an effective digital marketing campaign in 2017
If you didn’t make it, check out the top notch tips shared by Sophie, who has also worked for organisations such as Barclays and Glasgow International Festival.

Keep consistency throughout your company because this will create trust. Customers want to know you are consistent: make sure you have the same consistency levels across your brand for all channels;
• Think mobile: all trends suggest that most people will be using their mobiles to look at websites by 2018;
• Keep it simple & short: simplicity helps to make it easy for the customer: a Goldfish has an attention span of 7 seconds and so do most customers when the look at your website: sum up what you do in 5 seconds;
• Explore channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and how it could help to raise brand awareness, find relevant people to promote your product/service and expand beyond your personal network;
• Invest money to reach your target audiences: Google Adwords are the biggest market leaders;
• Do not underestimate the importance of SEO and organic searches: if you can optimise your website for SEO then this will make your reach better;
• Your website is the online shop window for your product/service, make it count: keep things simple, be consistent and create trust. Have clear calls to action points throughout the website and minimise choice.

“You need to get your customer to take action and do something that benefits your
business. Do not make the customer think, help guide them and keep things
simple. Use simple words, do not be too technical, avoid jargon and have short
paragraphs. The landing page is essential so use analytics to help improve it”
Sophie Paton-McDermott

Engage, engage, engage
It may sound cliche these days to say how vital it is for business to engage with their customers, but a lot of them still don’t get it right. Sophie has also shared some tips on how to overcome that issue.

Make the most of the lowest hanging fruit your business has;
• Keep front of mind with your customers: encourage your loyal customers to become advocates for your brand;
• Communication with your customers can be your strongest strength for your business;
• Social media can be used to keep your customer base engaged in your business: talk to them about issues that matter to them, rather than the ones that suit your needs;
• Use shorter sentences (and paragraphs), bullet points, clear fonts and well chosen
images are a must;
Make the most of beautiful pictures: followers are more likely to engage with content that contains awesome/beautiful pictures;
• Work on the content: it has to be useful, informative, entertaining, fresh and bold;
• Be a friend: respond to enquiries/comments/likes as quickly as possible;
• Show appreciation for people who take the time to follow/support your brand: follow them back, respond to their comments, share their news;
• Referrals and e-mail marketing can be really profitable after engagement.

Much more to come
Delivered by Nwes on behalf of the London Growth Hub, the event is part of the initiative “Start, Scale, Grow“, a programme designed to give start-ups and SMEs owners the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence they need to scale and grow their businesses.

“The aim is to skill you up in the areas most likely to supercharge growth from your business, such as business modelling, financial planning and marketing” – Tom Bircham – Business Development Manager for Enterprise for London.

Several workshops are set to take place here at Cowork Hub until late July. To register for the programme and sign up for the upcoming events, please click here.

By Val de Oliveira