If you are reading this blog right now, chances are that you have, at some point over the past 10 years, crossed paths with the concept of coworking (shared office space).

And if that’s the case, you would also have heard of  Betahaus, a coworking space born in Berlin that has now moved to several cities across Europe.

Work, engage, collaborate 

When it comes down to how flexible, entrepreneurial and collaborative work actually work, very few places worldwide thoroughly get it.

Betahaus is definitely one of them. Launched in 2009 in the heart of the creative hub of the German’s capital, it has now branched out into Hamburg, Barcelona and Sofia (Bulgary).

As one of our Communications & Pr team members happens to be in Hamburg this week as Betahaus Hamburg gets ready for its 7th anniversary, we paid a visit to its coworking space and looked a little deeper into the venue that is home to 450 members every month.

When cool meet the creative 

On arrival, we were greeted by the friendly Community Manager Teelke Meyer, a young and coworking enthusiast herself.

With 3 floors in the super cool area of Sternschanze,  Betahaus Hamburg is one of the very first coworking in town and has grown considerably since opening its doors.

Offering dedicated desks, hot-desking, private offices (they’re currently fully booked) and events space for hire, the venue has made a name for itself for fostering a strong sense of community/belonging among its members, rarely seen anywhere else in the coworking scene.

With a very diverse (and extensive) mix of coworkers, getting everyone engaged clearly seems challenging, right?

“We have several community-related events where members can get to know each other, exchange ideas and collaborate. We tend to get very “personal” with our coworkers.  

 We ask their opinion on a lot of things, we encourage them to approach us with ideas/feedbacks and above all, we take their views on board. We empower coworkers to get involved, to look after their shared office space as their own because, in the end, that’s exactly what it is” Teelke tells us. 

Recipe for success? 

Clearly, every coworking space across the globe has its own “vibe”. One thing that we have learned in this visit is that, at the end of the day, coworking should really be about sharing.

Whether coworkers share projects, ideas, inspiration or simply, a conversation over coffee (they have their own in-house coffee shop, btw), this exercise instigates creativity and productivity, key factors in taking the business forward.

 “We are a space that creates energy and enthusiasm while inspiring creativity and ambition. Betahaus is for people who want to work on their own projects while exchanging knowledge, ideas, and inspiration with others. We are here to open doors and to expand possibilities.  

“We believe that in order to take work or project to the next level, entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, independent workers need to spend time with people, work together. However you collaborate; it will help you accomplish goals and develop business opportunities” – Anne Christin Dröge, Strategic Partnerships & Communications.

Way more than just desk space and facilities  

We can’t help it but feel very inspired by Betahaus’ trajectory so far. Above all, we’re proud to be following a similar path, after being in business for less than 2 years. Our goal is to provide affordable and quality office space on flexible terms, simplifying business needs.

Cowork Hub is proud to gather all sorts of industries, businesses and professional backgrounds together in one place. At Cowork Hub, we enable valuable connections as well as enduring and mutually beneficial relationships between our members.

It’s all about community 

We’re sure you’ve heard the motto “it’s all about the people”, but for us here, we really mean it. We believe that a coworking atmosphere should be created and shaped by the people at its heart.

Our community is made up by visionary, creative entrepreneurs who see the potential in their ideas and have the belief and talent to build successful businesses.

We like to get to know our new joiners before they officially get on board. Therefore, we can figure out where you’d fit in, how we could help you take your business to the next level and who you’d like to collaborate with.

Book a viewing with us today and come and see for yourself!

By Val de Oliveira